Studio Gear

It's probably an exaggeration to call my music room a studio, but it's where I make most of my music. It also houses an exercise machine and most of our book/CD/DVD library.

My primary instrument is guitar. I started playing when I was about 10 and had classical lessons for some years before getting an electric when I was at university.

This is my current arsenal:
  • Gordon Smith GS2: Bought this in 1987 as my first decent electric, but haven't bought another since then
  • Benford custom Telecaster: Having a custom guitar built was a dream for a long time. Steve Benford did a great job and it was very affordable
  • Dean Performer E: A few years back I felt the need for an acoustic and bought this. It's fun to play
  • Yamaha C40: I still like to play a bit of classical and got this when my dad upgraded as I'd sold mine many years ago
  • Peavey Milestone: A basic bass that does the job. It has featured on a few of my recordings, but I'm by no means a bass player. My daughter plays it more than me
  • Belcat 20r: Valve amplifier (Blues Jnr clone). It took me a long time to finally get a valve amp.
  • Roland Cube 80x: A versatile modelling amplifier, for when I want more versatility
  • Zoom G3X: My current effects box. I've not owned many pedals, but wanted more sound options. Includes a looper and simple drum machine. Got a couple of other pedals (compressor, boost, distortion)
  • Cheap Mahalo ukulele
Various other bits and pieces including a Casio keyboard

Recording gear:

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